This past Friday, Magnus turned 9 months! 9 months means he's been out in the world as long as he was inside my belly. Cue all the hysterically crying emojis, because this mama is feeling emotional! 

At 9 months, he is army crawling faster than we can say "don't eat that". His favorite things to crawl after are cables and plastic bags - what is it with them figuring out EXACTLY the things they're not supposed to play with!!! Next favorite thing are his milestone blocks, which turns taking these photos into an exercise in making complete idiots of ourselves trying to distract him (and mostly failing - as you can see below). 

Since the last update, Magnus has learned the CUTEST things! He now waves when we say "winke winke" (which means "wave wave" in German) - see the next picture! His wave looks kind of like one of those Chinese cats whose paw goes up and down - not pageant-ready quite yet, but I'll take it!

He has also - just as of last week - learned how to play peek-a-boo. He'll pull a blanket over his head and pull it back down and smile BIG and my mama heart is in a puddle on the floor, it's so cute.  

And he is just now learning how to clap when we say "Applaus Applaus" - also a German word, but you get the idea. Our next project is to teach him how to blow kisses, and if we manage to do that I may just explode of pride and happiness. Stay tuned!

If you can believe it, we are STILL waiting for the first tooth... but enjoying that adorable gummy smile while we can! I look at him and feel like he has stretched out so much since he started army crawling! He looks like a cute little boy now instead of my chubby baby! 

The pace at which they learn new stuff is so crazy at this age, and its even crazier how fast you forget that there was a time when they couldn't do all the things they can now do... Whenever I get asked how old he is and say "9 months", I'll inevitably hear "oh that's the BEST age!" - true, of course, but so was every age so far. I don't know about you, but for me, it hasn't really gotten better or worse, it's just good in different ways and challenging in different ways with every new phase. 

Happy 9 months Magnusito, we love you so much! 


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