I remember when Magnus was really little, I would see an 8-month-old and think, wow, that baby is so big and so old! Blink twice, and here we are! I think he has officially crossed the threshold to "old baby" ;)

At 8 months old, Magnus weighs in at 21.4 lbs (9.7 kg). In the past month, he's grown a full head of blonde hair (ok ok, I know, it's not a "full head" quite yet, but compared to his sweet little bald self before, it's a lot of hair!) and he's chattier than ever. I can't believe I am writing this but he is STILL not saying Mama - not that it would mean anything in particular if he did, but he is really taking his sweet time with that "m" sound! He can pronounce lots of other consonants though - dada (his fave), baba, gaga, lala and rara.

I guess the biggest news is that he is maaaajorly on the move! Not quite crawling yet, but army-crawling like a champ - preferably in the direction of any iPhone or cable he sees on the floor. (Of course, right? Why would anyone want to play with all those educational and fun toys? Cables it is, people!)

Taking photos with these milestone blocks is getting harder, you guys! He loves blocks and will immediately crash into my carefully assembled "8 MONTHS" to put them all in his mouth. The photo below is what 95% of this photoshoot looked like, if I'm being honest (that, or him doublefisting two blocks and stuffing them in his mouth) ;)

He is still sleeping like the best of them - he goes down around 7:30-8 and usually wakes up around 7, at which point we bring him in to drink milk and play until D and I are ready to roll out of bed as well. He's been loving solid foods - everything is a hit, except hummus. He's eaten overnight oats, all sorts of pureed fruits and vegetables, apple sauce, yoghurt, rice and beans, indian mung bean curry (not even kidding, that was one of his faves) and whatever else we are eating, as long as it's not too spicy and has no honey.

As for me, raising this little man is still the most fun and awesome thing I've ever done and I am trying to soak up and enjoy every minute of it. Time is flying fast! Happy 8 months to our sweet and smiley little chubber!

xoxo, J


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