As you may remember from a few posts back, we were recently in Paris, also known as the land where carbs and butter are good for you and babies are as effortlessly chic as their mamans.

I originally booked the trip to Paris with two goals in mind: One, to see my friends, and two, to swoon over French baby clothes (and by swoon, I mean blatantly disregard the fact that babies grow at rocket speed and buy entirely too many things). Actually, add a third goal: find that pistachio and chocolate croissant I ate many years ago that I still daydream about. Many a pistachio pastry and an even greater number of almond croissants lost their lives to this noble pursuit, but to my utter disappointment, the elusive pistachio chocolate croissant stayed elusive. Note to self: Praise be for the breastfeeding diet!

Anyhow, if you are thinking of visiting the city of love with your bundle of love, at your and your wallet's own peril, here are 2 must-adds to your bucket list for those of you as obsessed with French baby style as I am:


Let's kick this off with one of the true highlights - this store is not just clothes (even though it does those very well), it is also toys, interior design, mommy and me inflatable rose gold flamingoes (yes, I know, they are so last year, but, mommy and me, though! A big one and a baby sized one!! Swoon..), and an actual barber shop for kids! (In fact, if you look this place up on google maps, it will say "barber shop".) Très cool! Bonus fact: BonTon is smack dab in the middle of Le Marais, the resident hipsterville of Paris, which, as hipstervilles do, comes with amazing food, highly instagrammable street corners, and if you want to even out the spending for each family member, some very respectable shopping options for mom and dad.


Let's be real for a minute, if you are breathing into a paper bag right now from the BonTon sticker shock, you are not alone. We ended up getting a little wooden toy car and baby sunglasses for Magnus at BonTon and quickly turned our attention to the more affordable but still crazy adorable world of Monoprix kids clothes. Monoprix is a basically a grocery store that also has stuff for the home and clothes. Think target, but with smaller inner city locations, and... more French. Which equals top notch produce, a bomb cheese selection, and the most Parisian chic kids collection I ever did see. If only they shipped to the US... but in the meantime, we'll just have to plan more shopping trips to Paris!

If you want more of this Parisian-chic goodness, check out my friend's Paris Guide on - for the record, her little boy is always impeccably dressed, so I've already bookmarked all of her go-to spots for my next trip avec bébé.

Happy Swooning! (And let me know if you find that pistachio chocolate croissant!)

xoxo J

Magnus's outfit is entirely Monoprix, except for the hat, which we got for our little New Yorker at H&M. His yellow cab rattle is from Estella NYC.


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